'Being Well' Webinars for £99

We Inspire, Nurture,
Support and Advise on
Practice in an Inclusive
Rights Education.


We will encourage you and make you feel like you want to make the journey to become a “Being Well” school whilst building confidence in the school’s people.


We will help and encourage you to develop the “Being Well” approach. We will nurture our belief with all stakeholders.


We will support you throughout your journey through webinars, calls and meetings.


We will ensure all your stakeholders understand the “Being Well” approach and provide ideas to help you apply the methods.


The approach is inclusive and promotes equality- everyone is included in its development.

Rights Education

“Being Well” Is a holistic approach encompassing everyone’s well being and based on human rights and principles.

What is 'Being Well'?

A holistic “Being Well” approach works with all staff, pupils, parents and partners from education sectors and the broader community supporting children to develop “healthy” habits that will last a lifetime. A school can do this by adopting a whole school approach to Being Well.

‘Wellness is a state of health in both body, mind and social well being, not just the absence of disease or infirmity’ WHO. We need our children to be well in all areas.

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Appreciative Inquiry

At InspireU we use our appreciative inquiry process which ensures that everyone is involved in the Schools journey to becoming a Being Well, Being Human school.

It is a methodology that provides a positive, practical and contextualised solution, which harnesses and celebrates the strengths and experiences of everyone within the organisation and provides a foundation upon which a new, sustainable vision can be created.